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Wonderful Winchester Seminar & a Slice! :)

Greetings my Snowbound Friends! 🙂  I hope that you are all happily ensconced in your warm homes right now, watching the snow fall.

I want to thank you for your enthusiastic welcome on Tuesday.  The potential for ice didn’t deter over 110 early childhood professionals from enthusiastically participating in my seminar, “Honoring Our Students’ Unique Selves and Adapting to Their Varying Needs.”  I love the idea of “Seminar & a Slice” that the Lord Fairfax Association for the Education of Young Children (LFAEYC) has going.  The organization sets the tone for a positive, laid-back evening of sharing ideas and I appreciate being invited to speak to you.

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve uploaded the book list, helpful websites & recipe on my website:  http://www.WalkerEducationalConsulting.com.  Just click on the link that says, “Honoring Our Students’ Unique Needs…”.  I’ll add the songs, finger plays & action poems later today.

Take care!  🙂 — Mariella Walker


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