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All About Art

Hi, Everyone!

Here is the list of books that were used during the seminar, “All About Art.”  Feel free to print this list out for future reference. Enjoy! 🙂 — Mariella

General Books About Art

The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse by Eric Carle

Drawing Lessons from a Bear by David McPhail


Ten Terrible Dinosaurs by Paul Stickland

Thesaurus Rex by Laya Steinberg

Pete the Cat by James Dean

Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp! by Margaret Mayo

Dinosaur Roar! by Paul & Henrietta Stickland

Dini Dinosaur by Karen Beaumont

Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct by Mo Willems

The Littlest Dinosaur by Michael Foreman

Winter Books

Snow by Uri Shulevitz

Fox’s Garden by Princesse Camcam — a beautiful wordless picture book about a boy who helps a fox

Winter:  An Alphabet Acrostic by Steven Schnur — What a creative idea for a poetry book about winter!

Frozen Noses by Jan Carr — rhyming book

Outside by Deirdre Gill

Little Bea and the Snowy Day by Daniel Roode

First Snow by Bernette Ford — as seen through the eyes of several rabbits 🙂

The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett — a tale of the 3 bears set in Alaska

Summer/Beach Books

Duck & Goose Go to the Beach by Tad Hills

These Seas Count!  by Alison Formento

Wow!  Ocean! by Robert Neubecker

Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae

Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses by Kimberly & James Dean

Spot Goes to the Beach by Eric Hill

Biscuit’s First Beach Day by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Summer Sun Risin’ by W. Nikola-Lisa

Sea, Sand, Me! by Patricia Hubbell

I Love Oceans by Lisa Regan

Hello Ocean/ Hola Mar by Pam Munoz Ryan

Five Little Sharks Swimming in the Sea by Steve Metzger

Summer:  An Alphabet Acrostic by Steven Schnur

Beach Day by Karen Roosa

I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry


Ten Little Ladybugs by Melanie Gerth

How Do You Count a Dozen Ducklings? by In Seon Chae

Song of the Flowers by Takayo Noda

Little Quack by Lauren Thompson

Yoo-Hoo, Ladybug! by Mem Fox

Two Little Birds by Mary Newell DePalma

Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

Peck, Peck, Peck by Lucy Cousins

Little Bat by Tania Cox

North Country Spring by Reeve Lindbergh

One Windy Wednesday by Phyllis Root

In the Pond

999 Tadpoles by Ken Kimura

One Peaceful Pond by Lisa Marie Kemp

Baby Bugs by Tom Arma

Hop Jump by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Lizards, Frogs, and Polliwogs poems & paintings by Douglas Florian

Hooray for Fish!  by Lucy Cousins

Splash! by Ann Jonas

Spring:  An Alphabet Acrostic by Steven Schnur

Zinnia’s Flower Garden by Monica Wellington

In the Small, Small Pond by Denise Fleming

The Magical Garden of Claude Monet by Laurence Anholt


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