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Get Ready to Move! — And we did! ;)

The teachers from Saturday’s session were so enthusiastic!  We had a fun time learning and making games that promote large- and small-muscle development.  I really appreciate everyone’s willingness to participate and share!


Books in Bloom — Book List & Fingerplays Uploaded

Hi, Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve uploaded the enormous book list from the Books in Bloom seminar.  There are over 50 books on the list!  I’ve also attached the fingerplays, songs & poems that the teachers researched.  Finally, you’ll find the “Curriculum Connections” that the teachers brainstormed.  Enjoy! — Mariella

Books in Bloom Class

Every time that I work with the preschool and after-school teachers through Loudoun Family Services, I am so impressed by their enthusiasm for the topics that we cover.  I truly appreciate their willingness to share ideas! 😉  I’m glad that we had a chance to really delve deeper into the website that has hundreds of fingerplays, songs & poems.  (http://tmas.kcls.org)

Prince William AEYC — A Great Day

It was so nice to work with the teachers at Prince William AEYC’s Fall Conference!  We had a fun time sharing and creating artwork in the All About Art seminar that I presented.  Thank you for your enthusiasm! 🙂 — Mariella

All About Art with Prince William AEYC

I’m really looking forward to working with the PWAEYC teachers on Saturday, October 17th!  We’ll be doing a lot of hands-on art projects that you’ll be able to share with your students!   Don’t forget to check out the updated list of books that were used during today’s seminar, “All About Art.”

Totally 2s & 3s Class

I met and worked with an energetic & fun group at my Totally 2s and 3s class on Saturday, May 16 in Cascades!  I especially enjoyed your presentations of songs and stories.  I’ll finish posting all of the songs and books used in the class by 5:00 today.  Have a great week! 🙂


All About Art — A Wonderful Group :)

I met a wonderful group of educators when I taught the seminar, “All About Art” on Saturday in Sterling!   The teachers (and my) favorite part seemed to be the hands-on art projects that they were able to do. 🙂  Things got a bit messy, but it was fun testing out new art techniques.  I really appreciated the way that the teachers shared art projects that worked for them!

Book Lists, Poems & Songs Added! :)

Hi, Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve added new book lists, poems & songs.   Check out the “Spotlight on Literacy Development” tab & you’ll find the list of rhyming books, along with all action poems, finger plays & songs.

I’ve also updated the “Reaching Out to Dual Language Learners” tab as well as the “We’re All in This Together” tab.  Enjoy! — Mariella 

VAECE Conference Presentations

It was really wonderful to be a part of such a great gathering of early childhood educators! 🙂  I met so many enthusiastic teachers! I’ll be posting all updates to my website by Saturday, so look at the following sites for updates and book lists:

Reaching Out to Dual Language Learners — updated book list with new titles

Spotlight on Literacy Development — songs, finger plays, action poems & rhyming books — will be updated by Saturday

We’re All in This Together — updated

Enjoy the rest of the conference! — Mariella

Wonderful Winchester Seminar & a Slice! :)

Greetings my Snowbound Friends! 🙂  I hope that you are all happily ensconced in your warm homes right now, watching the snow fall.

I want to thank you for your enthusiastic welcome on Tuesday.  The potential for ice didn’t deter over 110 early childhood professionals from enthusiastically participating in my seminar, “Honoring Our Students’ Unique Selves and Adapting to Their Varying Needs.”  I love the idea of “Seminar & a Slice” that the Lord Fairfax Association for the Education of Young Children (LFAEYC) has going.  The organization sets the tone for a positive, laid-back evening of sharing ideas and I appreciate being invited to speak to you.

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve uploaded the book list, helpful websites & recipe on my website:  http://www.WalkerEducationalConsulting.com.  Just click on the link that says, “Honoring Our Students’ Unique Needs…”.  I’ll add the songs, finger plays & action poems later today.

Take care!  🙂 — Mariella Walker