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Here’s what educators, parents and students are saying about Mariella’s seminars, tutoring services and teaching strategies:

Mariella’s seminars are fantastic.  Not only do you walk away with wonderful hands on units that you can use in your classroom, she always has a list of fabulous books that will enhance the themes.  I’ve enjoyed every seminar that she has put on.  The time flies, and you walk away with projects and ideas that you want to put to use right away! — Colleen

“I just wanted to write a short note telling you how much I enjoyed being in your classroom this afternoon.  You have an excellent rapport with your students….Mariella, you truly are a gifted teacher.” — Arlene

We could not have been happier with my daughter’s tutoring sessions last summer.  We went looking for a tutor to help my daughter not fall behind over the summer break and to address some concerns over backwards writing and reading.   Mariella created a warm and fun environment in which to learn.  Lilah enjoyed the one hour sessions and came home with books to share with us.  It was wonderful to see her excited about reading and writing again.  The sessions with Mariella gave her back her sense of accomplishment.  That has followed her into the second grade and has helped her deal with new challenges in a positive way.  Mariella used a variety of techniques to help Lilah.  Lilah really enjoyed writing her letters in sand which gave her a more tactile sense of writing.  She had a reward system for reading books that was great.  They played games and had lots of fun while learning.  The hour she spent learning flew by and Lilah couldn’t wait for the next session.  Mariella is very professional; she sent me an email after each session that described not only what Lilah worked on but also how those tasks were teaching her.  I was able to track Lilah’s progress and know what to reinforce during the week.  I would recommend her services to anyone.   Thanks!  — Shannon

“I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re great because you teach us a lot of things and you are very nice.. and I am glad I am in your class.” — Monique

“Your seminars are great!  You inspire us to be better teachers.” — G.

“Your class was THE BEST!”  — C.  (teacher who attended Professional Development Day at George Mason University)

So many new ideas…organizational ides with file folders & stickers!  Many new book ideas!  Great seminar! — Donna


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