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We’re All in This Together

You know the song from “High School Musical.” This motto fits perfectly as we partner with our students’ families and the community. During this seminar, teachers will learn meaningful and fun activities that encourage involvement of families and the community. Get your school year off on the right track as you learn specific ways to foster a strong community that emphasizes working together as a team. Topics include: Preschool Postcard Train, The Giving Tree and much more. Bring your markers, scissors and your creativity!

Book used during workshop:  Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson — cute book about the changes a tree undergoes during the seasons

Handouts that I shared during the seminar:

Student Interest Survey — preschool

Book Brigade letter

Postcard Pjt — preschool


Recipe for Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk

1/2 cup corn starch

small container of baking soda

vinegar in a spray bottle

food coloring

paintbrushes and/or sponges


1. Mix dry ingredients (baking soda & cornstarch).

2. Add food coloring to about 1 cup of very warm water, stirring until not too thick.

3. Paint or draw on sidewalk using paintbrushes and/or sponges.

4. Spray the paint with vinegar (in bottle) and watch it fizz! 

Note:  Paint dries quickly, but washes away easily.




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